Museums and Galleries of Aix en Provence

This section is a guide to the museums and galleries of Aix en Provence and a survey of some of the more interesting current shows.

pierrot fernando boteroNews for Aix galleries and museumsA number of super exhibitions have just opened in Aix, a city that certainly doesn't shut down for the winter after the tourist crowds have left.

The Caumont Centre d'Art has a big show exploring the Colombian artist Fernando Botero and his links to Picasso.

60 of Botero's outsize, curvacious portraits are on display as well as 20 major pieces by Picasso. Pictured: Pierrot by Botero (2007), private collection, © Fernando Botero. Until 11 March 2018.

Not to be outdone, the Musée Granet just up the road has two top shows of its own. Just opened, one of them celebrates the colourful 20th century artist Pierre Tal-Coat, who lived and worked in the region. Until 11 March 2018.

And Cézanne at Home (the title is in English) has paintings, drawings and engravings by the Aix master from the gallery's own collection, including fragile watercolours which are rarely on view for conservation reasons.

The star exhibit is a late oil painting on loan from the Pearlman Collection, Vue vers la route du Tholonet près du Château Noir. Until 1 April 2018.

The lively and energetic Fondation Vasarely has a display of work by the German sculptor Vera Röhm (until 31 December), plus an intriguing sounding sound installation by Marlène Puccini inspired by the Möbius strip! (7-27 December.)

And finally, if you're going by the Aix Tourist Office, take a moment to visit a fun display organised by the city's Natural History Museum.

The museum itself is currently closed for major renovation. But this free show scatters some of its most interesting exhibits - crocodiles, panthers, vultures - all over the Tourist Office, accompanied by illustrations by graphic artist Jean‐Luc Deglin. Until 24 February 2018. logoClick here to book a hotel in Aix en Provence

Pavillon de VendomeAix en Provence's museums range from a foundation dedicated to Victor Vasarely, the father of Op Art, to a secret 17th century love-nest, a major museum of natural history, and the city's flagship art collection, the Musée Granet.

hotel de caumont exteriorAn elegant 18th century hôtel particulier in Aix's historic and aristrocratic Mazarin Quarter, the Hôtel de Caumont has been converted into a sumptuous new gallery space under the banner of the Caumont Centre d'Art.

Vega by Victor VasarelyCreated in 1976 by the father of Op Art, the Fondation Vasarely has been eroded for decades by a family dispute. But a major restoration programme is well underway and this visionary centre remains a key destination for anyone interested in modern art.

The Camp des Milles and train wagonBetween 1939 and 1942, Les Milles was an internment camp for political dissidents, artists and intellectuals and, finally, Jews about to be deported to Auschwitz. It has now been restored as a Holocaust memorial.

The Musee Granet, Aix en ProvenceOnce a sleepy provincial gallery, the Granet Museum has, thanks to some important loans and bequests, built up a fine collection of modern art over the last decade. It now stages several major exhibitions a year.

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