Pont du Gard

The Pont du Gard has been endlessly photographed - but none of those familiar images prepares you for the elegance and majesty of the real thing. A masterpiece of ancient architecture and the highest Roman aqueduct-bridge in the world, no wonder it's one of France's top tourist attractions.

The Pont du Gard at moonrise

As well as the Pont du Gard itself, there is, as our picture gallery suggests, a lot to see on this huge site, including a fascinating museum, a landscaped Mediterranean garden, a children's play area - and not least, the magnificence of the surrounding countryside.

This section consists of a practical guide to the Pont du Gard, with full information about the different ways of getting there, as well as a report on our own visit and all the things to see and do once you're on the site.

In the evenings, mainly (but not only) in summer, there are spectacular light and/or music shows of various kinds too. And where else can you swim in the shade of a millennia-old UNESCO World Heritage site?

You can read about more special events and - where tickets are required - book them on the Pont du Gard website.

And yes, we do know, by the way! The Pont du Gard is not, strictly speaking, in Provence. But, just across the border in the neighbouring region of Languedoc-Roussillon and a short drive from Avignon, it is still a star destination for any visitor to southern France.

Photo credits: © A Rodriguez (Pont du Gard at sunset, picnic on the river, the water mill, inside the Museum and Ludo); O2 Prod (aerial view); Pont du Gard (canoeing); Yann de Fareins (Memories of the Garrigue); Clement Puig (music concert) and Thierry Nava for Groupe F (fireworks).

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pontdugard smallThe Pont du Gard is a major Roman monument, a masterpiece of engineering, a thing of great beauty - and much more than just a very big, very old bridge.

pont du gard smallThis page contains practical information about the Pont du Gard and an overview of the various ways of getting there if you are travelling individually rather than on a guided coach tour.

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