Our section on navigating around Provence by sea or on its rivers and canals begins with the Marseille ferry and cruise ports, a survey of cruises departing from Marseille and the cruise ports in Toulon and La Seyne sur Mer. Stay tuned for guides to the Rhône river and the waterways of the Camargue.

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toulon cruise portToulon has two cruise ship ports: one in the heart of the city and one in the nearby town of La Seyne sur Mer across the other side of the bay. This is a guide to both of them.

Marseille cruise ship terminalMarseille is France's main cruise ship port and this branch of tourism has been growing extremely fast: over 1.6 million cruise passengers passed through the city in 2017.

MSC SplendidaMarseille is a superb starting point for a cruise holiday. It’s easily reached by air, road or high-speed rail. It's a fast springboard to some of Provence's loveliest spots. And there are many terrific attractions in Marseille itself.

Poster for the port of Marseille by Roger BroderMarseille's identity is deeply bound up with its ancient origins as a port and the vast network of sea routes that opened up the city to the world. This is a guide to its ferry terminals and the services from them today.

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