Water Sports

As you would expect, water sports - scuba diving and swimming for starters - figure large on the coast. We'll be publishing guides to other activities such as fishing and sailing in due course.

Up in the mountains, there is thrilling white water rafting to enjoy. Wave Island (formerly Splashworld), near Avignon is strictly speaking a water theme park but some of its attractions are quite sportif. How about surfing a three metre / ten foot high artificial wave?

Marine jousting is popular all along the Mediterranean too, though for most of us it will be strictly a spectator sport.

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splashworld kids18 km / 11 miles north-east of Avignon, the ambitious and expensive Wave Island can claim to be the largest water theme park in Europe.

Scuba diving in the MediterraneanJacques Cousteau popularised deep sea diving in Provence. Today you can scuba dive all along the Mediterranean and many centres offer baptêmes de plongée (trial dives) for absolute beginners.

White water rafting down the Ubaye River, ProvenceWith over 50 km / 30 miles of rapids, the wild Ubaye river in the north of Provence is regarded as one of the best and most beautiful in France for white water rafting.

The Monte Cristo ChallengeThe romantic inspiration for Marseille's annual Défi de Monte Cristo (Monte Cristo Challenge) swimming race is, as the name hints, Alexandre Dumas' great classic 1844 novel, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Marine jousting It's a summer Sunday, the band is tooting folk tunes to, well, beat the band and the jousting is about to begin. There's not a horse in sight though: this is the not-so-gentle art of marine jousting (joute marine).

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