Family Friendly: Aix en Provence Area

This is a selection of activities for kids in the area around Aix en Provence, covering destinations within a 40 minutes' drive of the city. In addition to the attractions listed below, you might also consider the Puyricard Chocolaterie (which offers chocolate-making lessons), the Château La Coste, the Musée Extraordinaire in Ansouis and the Château de Lourmarin. All are a short drive north of Aix as well as being close to each other.

Click here to read an overview of what to do within Aix en Provence itself and some suggestions for dining out there with children.

If you're prepared to travel just a little further, you might like to check out the ideas for family excursions in and around Marseille and Avignon. Our section on activities and sports in Provence is also worth a look.

These suggestions will be enjoyable even if your kids don't speak French. If they do, many more options will be open, from cooking lessons and guided nature walks to children's theatre.

To find out about them, go to the Tourist Office (L'Office de Tourisme) at Les Allées provençales, 300 avenue Giuseppe Verdi, Aix en Provence. logoClick here to book a hotel in Aix en Provence

Charlie Travers book coverThe pleasures of Aix en Provence - wine, art, history, culture - are mostly rather adult ones. But this book set in the city aims to bring Aix alive for children aged from 8 to 12.

Knights at the Chateau de la BarbenNestled in lush countryside a half hour's drive from Aix, the village of La Barben offers an enticing package for children: a Château and a zoo.

ParcdesLabyrinthesBouncyCastleA 40-minute drive north-west of Aix, the Park of Giant Labyrinths (Le Parc des Labyrinthes Géants) claims to be the biggest planted maze in Europe.

The Ecomusee du ForetIf you are looking for an alternative to the usual characterless American-style theme parks, the Écomusée de la Forêt (Forest Ecomuseum) could fit the bill.

Le Village des Automates near Aix en ProvenceThese two large, adjacent play parks, one outdoor, one indoor, are an ideal destination for families with small children.

Urban Kids indoor play centre near Aix en ProvenceUrban Kids is an indoor play centre aimed at children from nine months to 13 in Venelles, just outside Aix en Provence.

Legend'aire children's park, Aix en ProvenceYou're in Provence with the children, and the weather is meant to be fabulous. But the rain is pouring or the Mistral wind is howling: what to do?

llamaIf your kids are reluctant to go hiking, here's an unusual solution to tempt them forth: set out on your walk with a llama in tow.

wild boar smallAt the Les Baumes farm, deep in wild woodlands just north-east of Aix, you can meet baby wild boars and hear all about them from the friendly family that raises them.

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