Family Friendly: Avignon Area

Our new section highlights the best family-friendly activities within 40 minutes' travel around Avignon. Click here to read an overview of what to do within the city itself and keep an eye out for further additions: more will be coming shortly.

The fabulous, brilliantly coloured ochre landscapes of the Luberon are a little outside our catchment area (they're 60-90 minutes' drive east of Avignon), but well worth the extra effort for a really unusual and memorable day out. We've covered them in full in a separate section: click here to read our guide.

Bear it in mind, too, that several of our suggested family excursions in and around Aix en Provence are within an easy drive of Avignon. If you are prepared to travel a little further, you'll find more ideas in our section on family excursions in and around Marseille.

It's also worth checking our section on activities and sports in Provence: of particular interest to families is the recently opened Wave Island (previously known as Splashworld Provence) water theme park just north-east of Avignon.

And consider other nearby attractions as the Château des Baux, the Quarries of Lights and two very interesting and educational museums just outside Gordes, the Musée du Moulin des Bouillons (olive oil) and the Musée du Verre et du Vitrail (glass).

Another fun family trip near Sault in the area around Mont Ventoux is the Arôma' Plantes lavender farm and distillery.

And don't forget one of France's top tourist attractions, the Pont de Gard, which is just 26 km / 16 miles west of Avignon across the regional border in Languedoc-Roussillon and which is exceptionally well set up for families. logoClick here to book a hotel in Avignon

Parc Alexis Gross entranceIn winter the renowned Alexis Gruss circus tours France with its latest show. But in May the company moves to its own park in Provence to offer a unique, full-day, behind-the-scenes family experience.

Girl with artichoke flower at Epicurium AvignonEpicurium is a fun and educational trip through the "life" of fruit and vegetables, from seed to supper table, via supermarket or greengrocer's stall. It might even have your kids asking for seconds of spinach.

Grottes de Thouzon3A dramatic journey through time and some spectacular stalactite formations, the Grottes de Thouzon can be found 16 km / 10 miles east of Avignon, just outside the small town of Thor.

Pig Parc Animalier Arc en CielA family-run park and petting zoo with dozens of farm animals from Provence and around France, the Parc Animalier L'Arc en Ciel (Rainbow Animal Farm) is 22 km / 14 miles south-east of Avignon.

jardi train1A landscaped miniature railway park between Venasque and Carpentras, the JardiTrain is an attractive family outing which will also appeal to train enthusiasts. As the name suggests, the surrounding jardin (garden) is an additional pleasure.

llama barrouxThe official name ("Experimental Llama Breeding Farm") sounds a little cold and clinical. But, hidden away in the wooded foothills of Mont Ventoux, this peaceful place where time seems to have stood still is enchanting to visit.

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