Truffles of Provence

A very good reason to look forward to winter is the black truffle season. "We're so lucky to have truffles at this time of year," declares Christian Allègre, a grower near the village of Richerenches in Vaucluse, Northern Provence, the centre of black truffle culture in France. "Otherwise winter is sad. But with truffles it goes by so fast. C'est la fête!"

We launch our new guide to the truffles of Provence with a visit to the opening of the season in Richerenches, and an overview of festivals, markets, museums, truffle hunts and other forms of truffle tourism in the region.

We also share tips from top growers, sellers and chefs on buying and cooking truffles, plus some simple, delicious recipes.

If you're here in summer, as most people are, you can always console yourself with the less aromatic variety which grows here then. But winter is definitely the time to enjoy truffles at their best as well as to discover the special, intimate and insider atmosphere that accompanies the season.

Coming in due course: our in-depth look at the history and mystery of truffle culture in Provence. logoClick here to book a hotel in Provence


truffles in hand smallThe tips and secrets of top truffle growers, sellers and chefs in Provence: how much to pay for a truffle, what to look for when buying it and how to store and cook it.

truffle market sign richerenchesThis is a guide to truffle tourism in Provence: festivals, markets, cultural centres and museums, truffle hunts and more.

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