The Camargue

Remote, romantic, mysterious, the Camargue is the Wild West of Provence. One of our favourite regions, it's completely unlike anywhere else in Southern France.

Our section includes a recommended route through this amazing place, a full guide to the spectacular beaches of the Camargue. and, below, surveys of Camargue bull games and the best places to spot flamingos and other birdlife.

Browse our slide show to get some of the exotic flavours of the Camargue (click on the images to find out more). And click here to read about the beautiful traditional costume of Arles and the Camargue. Photo credits: all images © SJ for Marvellous Provence. logoClick here to book a hotel in the Camargue

flamingos camargueWhether you're just looking for a flock of pretty pink flamingos or are an expert ornithologist, these are the best places and best times to spot birds in the Camargue.

bull course camarguaiseThe black bull is the proud emblem of the Camargue. Here we explore bull fighting, bull games, ranches, bull meat in cuisine - and the curious cult of the Camargue western.

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