What To See: Toulon

We sample some of the most popular attractions in Toulon: a trip on the téléphérique (cable car) up Mont Faron, the Old Town, 19th century Haussmann Quarter, street market and impressive Musée de la Marine (Marine Museum), harbour and naval base.

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Click here for our guide to Toulon's gorgeous sandy beaches and here to read about the Rugby Club Toulonnais and its legendary Stade Mayol. Or click on each image in the gallery to find out more. And click here for practical information about the city to help you enjoy your trip.

Toulon street marketThis is a guide to the centre of Toulon, taking in the large street market, Old Town and elegant 19th century quarter.

Toulon vintage cable car posterA highlight of any visit to Toulon is a spectacular ride on the téléphérique (cable car) up Mont Faron, the mighty limestone crag dominating the city.

marine-museum-toulonFrom the grey warships of its naval base to the cruise terminals and pretty Port Saint Louis, Toulon is all about the sea.

kids toulonToulon for kids is mostly about the beaches. But, of the big cities in Provence, this is one of the most family friendly, with a wide range of activities - many of them free.

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